Planet 312

Though we find it hard to admit, as we live in the self-proclaimed, post-material and digital world, the power of the material and the role of objects in our lives are omnipresent and inevitable. We are surrounded by the objects and things which define spaces we live in, activities we dedicate ourselves to, aspects of the identity that we inherited as well as those we choose to create. By dint of objects we make the limits of our social worlds tangible and give visibility to our perceptions, ideas and imagination - the whole universe of cultural notions around us. In such objectified surroundings, what stands out due to their strong evocative power, are the objects which bear the potential of transgression, the power of going transcending the limits, and which experiment with the conventional and usual categorizing - casual: ceremonial, private: public, men’s: women’s, formal: informal, handicraft: artistic etc. Ties made by Nataša Šaric, belong to such kind of transgressive, hybrid objects which function in the in-between zone – between strictly male and potentially unisex, between strictly formal and creatively playful, between handicraft and artistic, between anti-fashion and fashion, between two-dimensional and three-dimensional, between fashion and sculptural. Moving through the field stretched out between these conflicted points requires a remarkable skill in the mastery of the handicraft basis of such venture, in order to provide the space for the creation which arises from re-examining and experimenting with the rules, and results in expanding of the limits of the materially, constructively and aesthetically achievable. This is how Nataša , in manufacturing of her ties, precisely follows the handicraft guidelines by the masters who taught her, making her creations traditional garments that follow the long line of tailoring mastery and minute production. On the other hand, she tests the boarders of the conventional rules applied to this type of accessory, animates and expands it, blends it with other garments, with shirts and collars, combines classical materials with leather and metal, adds the third dimension to a classical tie, enabling it to transform from a classical fashion item into the artistic one. Ties by Nataša Šaric sublime her overall fashion opus, her artistic pursuits and handicraft experiments, and they represent her entire artistry, gift and imagination in the miniature form, as a perfect clothing etude by the master of fashion.